19/06/2018 Random

The spirit of MTBMeetup

An event like MTBMeetup, where we can meet with our friends and make new ones, whilst riding our bikes, makes for a very special event. But when an event inspires riders, and non-riders alike, because of what it stands for, there is no surprise that it gets nominated for the SingleTrack Readers Awards for the best UK event. The spirit of this great event is what captivates and inspires everyone and is the raison d’être for The No-Name Syndicate.

From a non-rider’s perspective…

Not long after returning from MTBMeetup, I received a message from Louise, long suffering wife of @Trailabuse. It was the first year she had attended the event and was so taken by the spirit of the event and how it brings riders from all walks of life together, she wanted to write something for the web site…

“I have spent the last couple of years hearing about the MTBMeetup, mainly from @Trailabuse who has been one of those heading to Wales since 2016. As any other bike widow will probably appreciate, in the weeks leading up to it you feel like all you hear about is the meet up. And of course, it’s not just at home but also across Twitter. The hashtag appearing more and more as you feel the excitement building as we inch closer and closer to the big day.”

“I’ll be honest, I didn’t really get the hype. I mean yeah, you meet up with some mates and go ride trails in Wales but well, you could do that any weekend right? Wrong. You see there is something greater going on when it comes to the MTBMeetup and I think it only fully dawned on me as I stood in the campsite yesterday. It isn’t just about riding your bike on a Saturday morning in Wales, it’s about the people.”

“On Saturday afternoon as I sat in a slightly soggy field, drizzle hitting the top of the gazebo, I couldn’t help but smile at what this event has created. Here we were, a bunch of 11 people who otherwise wouldn’t know each other, but who now look forward to spending time together. Yes, we might have chatted via Twitter; yes, some may have met up locally to spend a couple of hours on the trails but not this. Had it not been for the MTBMeetup, The No-Name Syndicate wouldn’t exist, but the ethos that Si Bradley has created with this yearly event has rubbed off on them, and other riders across the country. More and more people saying ‘hey come ride with us’, it doesn’t matter about your ability or which bike you’re riding, just come have fun with us.”

“It’s now a year to the next MTBMeetup, but thanks to this event you don’t have to wait a year to get out and ride with great people. There are always others out there looking to make new awesome mates to ride with and you’ve probably already found some likeminded folk in the MTB community, but The No-Name Syndicate can also help you out. If you’re looking for someone to ride with just let them know, use the hashtag #nonamesyndicate on Twitter, and the NNS TweetBot will retweet it to all their followers and maybe next year we’ll be sharing a beer and a laugh together in a field in Wales.”

Group ride at MTBMeetup

Keep the Spirit of MTBMeetup Alive

So there you have it… don’t let the spirit of MTBMeetup leave you until next year. If you already have great mates you ride with, let others know when and where you’re riding so they can join you. If you’re looking for new riding adventures, let us help to find you local rides. Use the #nonamesyndicate hashtag on Twitter to advertise rides to others, look for rides to join and don’t forget to share your ride pictures with us.

And, if you’ve never been to MTBMeetup, you may have guessed that you are missing out. So give give them a follow on Twitter or look out for next year’s dates on their web site.