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Uberbike Tyre Matrix Tubeless Conversion Kit Review

From the start I shall apologise in my lack of experience when it comes to writing a review…in fact, writing in general!

As the title states, this is my view on the valves and sealant I purchased a couple of months back from Uberbike, a company that’s based in Sheffield in the UK, and fairly new to the scene. I was really impressed, firstly by their website and what they have to offer, from valve caps to chainrings and a big range of other components, all made in Sheffield.

So, my first purchase was for one of their tubeless conversion kits which included two bottles of their Matrix sealant, a roll of handy sized Gorilla Tape, two tubeless valves in the colour of my choice and valve core removal tool. My first thought was “what a great starter kit for someone that is going tubeless for the first time”.

Rim Tape

I am new to using Gorilla Tape, especially being used as rim tape. After speaking with several friends and seeing so many people on social media speaking of using it without a bad word said about it, I was feeling positive.

Whoever first used Gorilla Tape for rim tape was definitely on to a winner. Here is why, from my personal experience I found it sticks extremely well. (Tip from @Ja5eTee) place the roll on the radiator to heat gently to allow the glue to soften. Once stuck down and pressed down firmly with your thumb, there is no way that bad boy is peeling. The kit came with the ‘Handy Size’ roll which has more than enough for 2 x 29″ rims. At 25mm wide, the tape was a perfect fit for my 23mm internal width rims, so wouldn’t be suitable for wider rims.


The valves were very lightweight and really well put together. They came with a small plastic valve key. When fitted on my Hope Hoop rims they tightened down with ease and sealed extremely well. The valves sat straight with no kicking off to one side, as can happen sometimes with tubes if not placed in the right position.

A good seal was achieved around the valves


UberBike’s Tyre Matrix sealant comes in several different size bottles with a pouring spout and cap if not fully used. Blue in colour, and extremely smooth, it pours really well but I am yet to try these items out on the trail. One thing I can say is as soon as I seated the tyre I noticed a little air loss around the beading, I moved the wheel in a figure of eight motion and gave it a spin for the sealant to fill any minor gaps, this worked really well.

The kit contained two 150ml bottles of sealant

My first experience with using this product was a good one. I shall keep you posted over the next few weeks when I get the opportunity to test them out on the trails. I shall leave a link below if you wish to see further information or buy the set that I purchased . If you have any questions, please feel free to find me on Twitter or Instagram.

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