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Polaris Bike Wear : AM Flux Waterproof MTB shorts – Review

I purchased the AM Flux Waterproof MTB shorts from Polaris Bike Wear a couple of months ago. While they were not the most inspiring design, however, a pair of waterproof MTB shorts at an extremely competitive price seemed to good to miss. Coming in at £39.99, in their sale; almost half the price of other waterproof shorts, they seemed well worth a punt. While I have never purchased any products from Polaris Bike Wear, they seemed like an established brand that I could trust. Having worn them over a number of wet rides, I have to say I am not impressed.


The fact the shorts are plain is not my issue here, my issue is with badly designed features. So, in all honesty there are only two features to discuss, but my gripe is with the pockets. Just the two I’m afraid. The zips are so small it is nearly impossible to access them when wearing gloves. This is a massive oversight for a short sold as a Winter necessity. The pockets themselves are very high up and not deep enough. When sat on the bike my phone protrudes up into my waist as there is no room for it to hang down, like every other pair of MTB shorts I have ever worn. So my phone has to go in my pack.

AM Flux - Zip Detail
The zips are far too small and cannot be accessed with gloves.



I bought these shorts specifically as waterproof MTB shorts for the Winter. So I would keep dry over the Winter months. The shorts are stated to be 100% waterproof, but unfortunately they are not. I would expect water to be repelled and bead up, like it does on protective material around the zips. Instead water pools up and soaks into the material. There is an inner lining, which appears to be sealed to the outer lining. This lining becomes damp and clearly shows the wet patches. The specifications on Polaris’ web site states there are 3 layers; this, I very much doubt, I can see a possible two.

AM Flux - Not waterproof
The material just pools water and soaks into the material


The Fit

I did, however, like the draw string. It makes for a more adjustable fit, which was pretty much the only good thing I have to say about these shorts. The fit is long, I mean really long. I’m not too fussed, but they are nearly 3/4 length and not sold as such. They are lightweight, which allows free movement when on the bike, and have enough room for knee pads. The construction of the short looks like a lot of work and attention to detail went it. Such a shame they didn’t spend even half as much time on making a sort that was fit for purpose.

In Conclusion

This was the first product I have purchased from Polaris Bike Wear, and based on this experience, it will be the last. If I had paid the full RRP of £79.99, as advertised on their web site, I would have sent them back and demanded a full refund. These shorts are simply not fit for purpose. They are definitely NOT waterproof MTB shorts, as their product description states.

So, if you are after a cheap pair of shorts, don’t need any usable pockets, and do not need them to be waterproof, these are for you!