Trail to Ard Rock 2019

As most of you will now know I have an entry to the Ard Rock Enduro Festival 2019. All thanks to my bro, Craig, who planned it all without telling me. The first I knew of it was a message one morning, shortly after arriving at work, with the ticket confirmation.


Shut-Up Monkey: You, Fear, and the Trail

By it’s very nature, MTB is an extreme sport, but of course it doesn’t have to be, a lot of it depends on where, and how you ride, right?  Not necessarily.  Whatever your skill level, we all carry the monkey on our back, the one that whispers, or even shouts in our ear, ‘You can’t do that, look how steep it is, you do that you’re bound to crash.’


The spirit of MTBMeetup

An event like MTBMeetup, where we can meet with our friends and make new ones, whilst riding our bikes, makes for a very special event. But when an event inspires riders, and non-riders alike, because of what it stands for, there is no surprise that it gets nominated for the SingleTrack Readers Awards for the […]


My Mug

From disaster, to joy, to inspiration… A few weeks back, I received a discount voucher from MTBMEETUPUK for a company based in Brighton known as @brokenriders. So, I treated myself to one of their new MTB mugs. Yes yes…I know most of you may be thinking to yourselves “Why on earth would I read a […]


A Partnership for 2018

Right you lot, sit down and buckle in – NNS are proud and honoured to make an announcement of a collaboration that is guaranteed to make a fantastic year out of 2018! This all started on an otherwise dull day at work when TrailAbuse received an unexpected message from a very respected member of our […]


New YouTube Series

Having decided recently to travel a little further afield, over my usual local XC bimbles, I have begun to explore the trails of the Surrey Hills. Being little over an hour from my home in Andover, Peaslake has become a regular destination for me. I’ve read plenty of information on the area and watched a […]

First Ride of 2018

After saving up my annual leave to get as much riding in as possible over the Christmas period I only got two weeks in before getting man flu. With this and a heap of work waiting for me on my return I ended up being off the bike for just over 3 weeks. With my […]


Ride Fuel – The Filth

Everyone knows the benefits of cake after a ride, it’s scientifically proven to be the best recovery food available 😉 Ok maybe not quite, but who doesn’t like cake? And sugar and protein definitely help in re-balancing the electrolytes (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself). After thinking about a cake with plenty of […]