Lewis 'Lew' Bell



Mostly Rides
  • Anything Technical
  • Lady Cannings
  • North York Moors
  • Santa Cruz Bronson
  • Specialized Camber
  • Mafia Kush 2 (BMX)
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About The Author

Finding the stress of life too much, nature and mountain bikes became the relief I needed in the winter of 2014. Several wet and cold months rekindled a childhood love of riding bikes. Similarly to others, I spent the vast majority of my childhood riding BMX and motocross bikes when not rock climbing or skating. Suddenly, finishing university and ‘growing up’ meant that I focused on work and almost forgot to have fun. Thankfully, I found mountain biking again after buying a Specialized Camber.

A year later, and much more confidence having ridden some technical trails such as Stainburn, I decided to trade in the cross-country bike for a Santa Cruz Bronson and the obsession with biking continued.

Now I can often be found with a GoPro strapped to my chest filming my riding for the To The Trail Youtube channel. Or even carrying a full camera set on my back to capture the exploits of other riders in photo form. Even with that, I still love a technical trail with the opportunity to playfully zip down the trail and hop off whatever I can.