Rich Baker


Nottingham, East Midlands

Mostly Rides
  • Notts XC & local DH spots
  • Sherwood
  • Trail centres & natural trails further afield
  • Stanton Switchback
  • Orange G3
  • Trek 1.1 (yes I know, I'll hold my hands up to being an occasional roadie...)
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About The Author

Like a lot of people I rode a BMX & mountain bike as a kid, being pretty inseparable from my bike and surviving riding around Birmingham. I got a job, drifted away from cycling, got into motorbikes and ended up riding a desk full time at work.

At the start of 2010, 35 and the wrong side of 20st I decided I needed to make some changes when I realised I couldn't run up two flights of stairs at work without getting out of breath. Work had recently brought in Cyclescheme so I decided as I'd always loved riding a bike that I'd give it a go.

I picked up a 2009 Orange G3 in the sale from Freewheel in Nottingham (now sadly gone), a pair of slick tyres for the daily commute, a lock, an XC lid told them "no, you're not selling me padded shorts" and rode out the door with a big grin on my face. Two weeks later I was back for the padded shorts but I hadn't lost the big grin.

After a couple of years riding the river trails, canals and local trails around Nottingham and natural Yorkshire trails with my brother in law I'd shifted some pies, got better at pushing the pedals & set my wheels off road properly for the 35 mile BHF Robin Hood ride in memory of my father in law.

That properly started the love affair with riding on dirt and I haven't stopped ever since, despite a few injuries and being diagnosed with asthma along the way.

So far I've ridden built trails at Sherwood Pines, Gisburn, Cannock, Llandegla, FOD, Afan, Cwmcarn, BPW & Stainburn. If I had to pick a favourite I'd be hard pushed but it'd probably be Gisburn. They're all fun in different ways though whether it's fast and flowy, techy and difficult, or for getting you shitting your biscuits (Afan, Graveyard and Stainburn, Boulder Trail I'm looking at you!).

Recently I've started riding more natural trails and I'm really appreciating having the Peak District on the doorstep.

I love tinkering and fettling, do my own servicing, still ride my old Cyclescheme Orange hardtail although only the frame is original now, and built myself a Stanton Switchback steel hardtail for my 40th.

Who knows where this mtb adventure is going next? Wherever it is though it's going to be fun!

Just Ride!